In our Qigong classes, we cover.

Warm up stretches: Warm up stretches that prepare joints, tendons, and muscles for Qigong.

Cleansing Exercises: This set of exercises releases any negative emotions and thoughts. It moves stagnant qi (energy) in the body and prepares your practice of the Qigong Set.

Qigong Set / Form: For ease of memorization, Qigong movements have been formed into sets / forms for practice. A Qigong set/ form is a routine of  movements to move Qi (energy) through the body to gain a desired result. Eg) Health, Vitality, Martial Prowess etc.

Sealing and Closing Forms: This set helps smooth Qi (energy) throughout the whole body. It also seals and stores all the qi (energy) you have cultivated through the Qigong form.


The Qigong sets covered in classes are…


Moving Forms

  • Eight Set Brocade
  • Daoist Five
  • Swimming Dragon
  • Zhan Zhuang (Standing Sets)

Meditative Forms

  • Relaxation
  • Five Orbs
  • Zuowang (Sitting and Forgetting)