Qigong: The “New” Movement in Health

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice of breath and posture to harness the life force within ourselves and nature to promote vitality, awareness, prosperity, harmony and positive changes within our lives.  Over the past decade, the practice of Qigong has gained awareness in the West because of exposure from media, film & TV, Tai Chi & Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Feng Shui. The benefits have been researched and is increasing day by day. With growing interest in Qigong, it is quite easy to be lost in all the various forms, styles, and schools and qigong, meditations and practices.

Getting Results with Qigong

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Qigong is about actualizing a fulfilled life by being in the moment & benefiting from the energies around and within us.  It takes the premises that all things have energy and by harnessing and harmonizing these energies both internal and external, we are able to direct it towards a particular intent  In the Far East, Qigong practitioners have aimed to be in harmony with nature and utilize the vital life force that flows through it known as ‘Qi’ to benefit their health, martial prowess, career, relationships & spiritual cultivations.

It’s not just fluff!


Whether you’re looking for better health, reduce pain, or release emotions, there’s a million different ways qigong can be practical inf your life when you learn from someone who knows how to tailor it to your needs.  There’s a Qigong exercise for almost any goals, sometimes you may even find doing same forms with a different intent can gets you different results.  No matter what your goals are, qigong should be a practice that gets you results and be an opportunity to change your life.  Generally, you may see slight changes after a practice session, but sustained and consistent practice is key to experiencing the full benefits of Qigong.  

Don’t Believe everything you see!

Being in such a media driven culture, there are many self-proclaimed Qigong Masters & teachers who declare greatness but fail to show results in their students. Within this climate, seeking an genuine Teacher / Qigong Master who can connect the traditional, rich historic background of Chinese Qigong in an modern context and use can be extremely difficult for the everyday novice.

Stay tuned to learn on how to find the right Qigong instructor for you.