What is Qigong?

Qigong is a discipline, which derives off two Chinese words. Qi refers to life energy and body function, and Gong refers to methods of exercise for strengthening and replenishing. Qigong is a practice in which breathing techniques are aligned with body movements, awareness for exercise, healing and meditation.

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Yoga Vs. Qigong

Yoga Vs. Qigong

First I want to state, I don’t view it as a versus- I view it as a different flavor- which depending on the context can be better for some things than others. That cleared- having experienced some Yoga (though minor) this is what I notice as differences. Historically-...

How Qigong calms and strengthens focus

How Qigong calms and strengthens focus

Have you ever wondered how Qigong “works”? Well…if you ever wondered, here is the post for you. Recently I have been contemplating how to improve my own forms, technique and results. In my contemplation’s I’ve found some interesting things out such as:  The changes...

Types of Qigong

Types of Qigong

Well I was thinking of what kind of article to write next and it hit me…talk about the various types of Qigong. Seems rather simple, however really thinking about it, I doubt most people have been exposed to all of them. They may have been exposed to one or two...

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