What is Qigong?

Qigong is a discipline, which derives off two Chinese words. Qi refers to life energy and body function, and Gong refers to methods of exercise for strengthening and replenishing. Qigong is a practice in which breathing techniques are aligned with body movements, awareness for exercise, healing and meditation.

Announcement: We will be closed on November 5 (Sunday) & November 6 (Monday). Classes resume on November 12 (Sunday).


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Qigong with Tangible Goals & Results

Qigong with Tangible Goals & Results

Qigong: The “New” Movement in Health Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice of breath and posture to harness the life force within ourselves and nature to promote vitality, awareness, prosperity, harmony and positive changes within our lives.  Over the past...

Understanding the Five Elements: Part 1

Understanding the Five Elements: Part 1

Five Elements & Your Qi I’m sure many of you have heard of Five Elements, but do you know what they are, what it means, or how does it relate to you and your health? Image Source http://thespicedoc.com/content/glossary In Chinese culture, one of the major...

Bāduànjǐn – Eight Set Brocade Part 1

Bāduànjǐn – Eight Set Brocade Part 1

Baduanjin, Eight Set Brocade or Eight Treasures Qigong can transform a person. It increases flexibility, strength and produces a surplus of Qi when practiced consistently. The set has many variants. There is the Northern moving set and Southern sitting set.  It could...

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